Does everything seem terrible? Tired Of doom and gloom?

Introducing 11 Obscenely Optimistic Songs For Ukulele: A Micro-Folk Record For The 21st Century And Beyond, a new songbook and album by me, jeremy messersmith. It's jam-packed with ridiculous songs about kittens, world peace, flying cars and the transformative power of love. Why? Because we all need a ray of sunshine every now and again. Because it's important to not lose sight of how good things could be. Because the first step to a better world is to imagine a better world.

Just sign up below and get a free digital copy of the songbook or simply listen to the digital outlet of your choice:

I don't know if a song can change the world, but singing sure can. Trust me. You'll feel better and that's a start, right?

I'd love to hear your versions of the songs. Tag your videos with #ObscenelyOptimistic and I'll post them here. See you on the road,



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is This a joke?

No. I'm actually deadly serious about this. No irony to be found here.

Why A Songbook?

Because singing is powerful and singing in a group is one of the best social bonding experiences humans have. I think communities that sing together are stronger and more resilient than those that don't. It's largely a lost tradition in the United States outside of religious practice. I'd like to see more of it. Plus, I've always wanted to write a book and this is way easier than writing a novel.

Why Ukulele?

Because ukuleles are cheap and easy to learn. Oh, and fun to play- a true folk instrument. Folk music today isn't on the radio, but it's alive and well and being played by people with ukuleles on YouTube.

Will there be an album?

Yes. The audio will be released in mid April. I just wanted people to experience the songs with their own voices first.