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TICKETS On Sale + Hosts Needed!

We have had such a great response so far for the Supper Club Tour. If you’re just coming to this page for the first time you can learn more about what it is right here.¬† In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that some shows have been booked and we’re still looking for a little help in some towns.

Midwest in September that have been BOOKED

9/10 Marshall MN (BUY Tickets)
9/11 Omaha, NE (BUY Tickets)
9/12 Decorah, IA (BUY Tickets)
9/13 Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
9/14 Madison, WI (SOLD OUT)
9/15 Stevens Point, WI (BUY Tickets)
9/16 Eau Claire, WI (BUY Tickets)
9/17 Rochester, MN (SOLD OUT)
9/18 Moorhead, MN (SOLD OUT)
9/19 Winnipeg, Canada (BUY Tickets)
9/21 Minneapolis, MN (SOLD OUT)

10/8 Des Moines, IA or Sioux Falls, SD (NEED HOST )
10/9 Lincoln, NE (NEED HOST )
10/10 Denver, CO (NEED HOST )
10/11 Fruita, CO (BUY Tickets)
10/12 Salt Lake City, UT (BUY Tickets)
10/14 Seattle, WA (BUY Tickets)
10/15 Seattle, WA (BUY Tickets)
10/16 Portland, OR (BUY Tickets)
10/17 Southern Oregon or Northern California (NEED HOST )
10/18 Reno, NV (BUY Tickets)
10/19 San Francisco, CA (BUY Tickets)
10/20 San Francisco, CA (BUY Tickets)
10/21 Los Angeles, CA (NEED HOST )
10/22 Los Angeles, CA (NEED HOST )
10/23 San Diego, CA (BUY Tickets)
10/24 Phoenix, AZ (BUY Tickets)

East Coast in November where we may NEED HOSTS
(tickets will go on sale at a time TBD)

11/11 North Chicago, IL (BUY Tickets)
11/12 St Louis, MO or South Bend, IN (NEED HOST )
11/13 Nashville, TN (BUY Tickets)
11/15 Cinnaminson, NJ (BUY Tickets)
11/16 Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), NY (BUY Tickets)
11/17 D.C. (BUY Tickets)
11/18 Newport News, VA (BUY Tickets)
11/19 Asheville, NC or Chapel Hill/Raleigh Durham, NC (NEED HOST )
11/20 Atlanta, GA