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The time to embark on the first Supper Club Tour is drawing near. SO many awesome people have asked to host, shared their excitement for trying new recipes, and sent in song requests. Some shows have sold out but now you can find tickets for the East + West Coast Editions. We are still in need of a host in a few places, if you’re interested please check out the hosting section and drop us a line!

Midwest Edition
9/10 Marshall MN
9/11 Omaha, NE
9/12 Decorah, IA SOLD OUT
9/13 Chicago, IL  SOLD OUT
9/14 Madison, WI  SOLD OUT
9/15 Stevens Point, WI
9/16 Eau Claire, WI SOLD OUT
9/17 Rochester, MN SOLD OUT
9/18 Moorhead, MN SOLD OUT
9/19 Winnipeg, Canada
9/21 Minneapolis, MN SOLD OUT

West Coast Edition
10/8 Des Moines, IA (BUY Tickets)
10/10 Denver, CO (BUY Tickets)
10/12 Salt Lake City, UT (BUY Tickets)
10/14 Seattle, WA (BUY Tickets)
10/15 Seattle, WA (SOLD OUT)
10/16 Portland, OR (BUY Tickets)
10/18 Reno, NV (BUY Tickets)
10/19 San Francisco, CA SOLD OUT
10/20 San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT
10/23 San Diego, CA (SOLD OUT
10/24 Phoenix, AZ (BUY Tickets)

East Coast Edition
11/11 North Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
11/12 St Louis, MO (SOLD OUT)
11/13 Nashville, TN (BUY Tickets)
11/14 Cleveland, OH (BUY Tickets)
11/15 Cinnaminson, NJ (Philly Area) (BUY Tickets)
11/16 Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), NY SOLD OUT
11/17 D.C. SOLD OUT
11/18 Newport News, VA (BUY Tickets)
11/19 Winston Salem, NC (BUY Tickets)
11/20 Atlanta, GA (SOLD OUT)