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Rum Bundt Cake Recipe

I can vouch for this being awesome. Thanks Constance!

Gloria’s Black Bean Soup


Mary Beth, in addition to being an expert on “zero-waste” events, also makes an amazing vegetarian black bean soup. This was a real highlight from the already inspiring Chicago Supper Club. Check out the recipe below:

Gloria’s Black Bean Soup

Nutter Fluffer Cupcake Recipe

Suzanne C. brought these amazing cupcakes to the Omaha Supper Club and was kind enough to share the recipe! I’m not sure I can even describe the taste without using words like rainbow or unicorn. Seriously amazing.

Nutter Fluffer Cupcakes


Spiced Nuts Recipe

from Martha Stewart’s Spiced Nuts Recipe

It took me awhile to figure out what I should bring to the Supper Club shows. I can’t exactly cook in the car, though I did research tiny crockpots that could fit in a car cup holder. In the end, I decided to try more of a party snack than main course.

I used a Martha Stewart recipe as I find that most of her recipes are idiot-proof. I did make one modification (per the comments) and cut the cayenne pepper by about half and that seemed to help with the heat. I think they turned out great and I hope you all like them!

Martha Stewart’s Spice Nuts Recipe