Supper Club 2014

Two years ago I traveled around North America, playing shows in living rooms and enjoying incredible home cooked meals. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the idea of musical potlucks would work, but the original Supper Club Tour ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. I’m eager to hit the road once more, but I need your help. (Click here to learn about The Supper Club Tour)

What we eat and where it comes from has an enormous impact on both our bodies and the world. For this edition of Supper Club Tour, I’d like to showcase efforts to grow and cook delicious, sustainable food. In addition to playing dinner shows every night, I’ll be stopping by farms, restaurants, farmer’s markets, food trucks, ranches, and co ops to showcase the best in good, real food.

I need help with a couple things:

1. Hosts
If you are comfortable with letting 30-50 strangers into your home, this is the gig for you. Since I’ll be touring in fairly nice weather, backyards might work as well. Don’t worry, we provide all of the utensils and recyclable plates and cups, so no dishes! If you are interested, send me a few pictures of your home at Jeremy’s Email and check out this mini primer on what an ideal host is up for…

2. Suggestions
Are you part of CSA? Do you own a food truck? Do you work on an urban farm? An insect farm? Do you work in aquaculture? If you or someone you know is doing good work towards sustainable food I’d love to visit.

Thank you for your time and for your food! See you on the road,


P.S. I’ll be in the UK/EU in May and the band and I are playing tons of tour dates in June/July. Check them out here