1. The first rule of Supper Club is to talk about Supper Club. Invite some friends and share the experience.

2. Bring some amazing food! Bring a label for the food too, so we know what we’re eating. Is it vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten free? Contain nuts?

3. Bring your own beverage.

4. Bring a cushion. There more than likely won’t be seating, so bring something to sit on. We’ll let you know if the show will be indoors or out.

5. Pictures are okay, but please no flash and try not to get in anyone’s way. If you’re on Instagram or Twitter, feel free to take pictures of the food and use the hashtag #SupperClubTour.

6. Be respectful of the hosts and their homes! This goes without saying, but the hosts are opening up their homes. Please be a good guest.

7. Have fun!

See you there,

~ Jeremy