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Next round of Supper Club shows

Four Supper Club Shows are happening in and around the Twin Cities this Fall, including a special edition Halloween costume party/potluck on October 29.

Grab tickets at jeremymessersmithstore.bigcartel.com starting at noon on September 9.

Tuesday, September 27 - Minneapolis

Friday, October 7 - Arden Hills

Saturday, October 15 – St Paul

Saturday, October 29 – Minneapolis (the Halloween one)


Summer Supper Club Dates

A few supper club shows are happening in Minneapolis this summer. Tickets go on sale on Thursday, July 7th at noon.

July 24 - SOLD OUT

July 26 - SOLD OUT

August 6 - SOLD OUT

August 9 – SOLD OUT

Spring ’16 Supper Club Tour

I’ve been hard at work on a new record this winter! Okay okay–I’ve been baking a lot of sourdough bread AND working on a new record. I’m not sure when it will be out, but I’ve got about a dozen new songs I’d like to try.

If you’re not familiar with the Supper Club format, it’s a concert + a potluck. This tour will feature new songs, new merch, the same old “Inappropriate Question Jar” and of course, great food.

Tickets are available on my merch store.

May 26 – St Anthony Village, MN – sold out
May 27 – Minneapolis, MN - sold out
May 28 – St Paul, MN - sold out
May 29 – Lakeville, MN - sold out
May 30 – St Paul, MN – sold out
May 31 – Minnetonka, MN - sold out
June 1 – St Cloud, MN – sold out
June 2 – St Paul, MN - sold out
June 3 – Hopkins, MN - sold out
June 4 – Maple Grove, MN - sold out
June 5 – Madison, WI – sold out
June 6 – Chicago, IL
June 7 – Rochester, MN - sold out
June 8 – St Croix Falls, WI – sold out
June 9 – Northfield, MN - sold out


More Supper Club Dates Added

Next week I’m taking the Supper Club Tour on the road with shows in 20 states all over the USA. Supper Club shows are like a house concert, but with a potluck. Bring a beverage for yourself and a dish to share, then hang out for a live performance. I’ll debut some new tunes and take requests. Tickets are on sale now!

Supper Club East 2015

7/20 Fargo, ND
7/22 Spokane, WA
7/23 Kirkland, WA
7/24 Portland, OR
7/26 Corvallis, OR
7/28 San Francisco, CA
7/29 Reno, NV
7/30 Salt Lake City, UT
8/1 Denver, CO 8/2 Wichita, KS
8/3 Kansas City, MO (Sold Out)
8/4 Omaha, NE
8/7 Minneapolis, MN (Sold Out)
8/8 Minneapolis, MN (Sold Out)
8/9 Minneapolis, MN (Sold Out)
8/10 Minneapolis, MN (Sold Out)
9/8 Oshkosh, WI 9/9 Milwaukee, WI
9/10 Evanston, IL
9/11 Chicago, IL
9/12 Indianapolis, IN
9/13 Columbus, OH
9/14 Cleveland, OH
9/16 Washington, DC
9/17 Silver Spring, MD
9/19 Durham, NC
9/20 Chattanooga, TN

If hosting a show sounds like something you’d like to do, email me at jeremymessersmithmusic@gmail.com

Hope to see you in a town near you!

Supper Club Tour 2015

Hi all,

I’m happy to announce some new Supper Club Tour dates. If you’d like to eat some great food, hang out with some cool people and hear me test drive some new songs, then pick up a ticket!

Supper Club 2015

ST PAUL, MN 5/27
ST PAUL, MN 5/29
ST. PAUL, MN 6/18
EDINA, MN 6/21
FARGO, ND 7/20
SF, CA 7/28
RENO, NV 7/29
SLC, UT 7/30
KC, MO 8/3

I’m looking at add some shows on the east coast this fall, so if you are interested in hosting email me at jeremymessersmithmusic@gmail.com.

Summer Supper Club Tour Announced!

I’ll be heading out on tour and doing some Supper Club Tours in August. We may add a few here and there so make sure to check back….

July 24th        Brooklyn, NY (SOLD OUT)

August 11th   Des Moines, IA (Tickets)

August 12th  Kansas City, MO (Tickets)

August 13th   Wichita, KS (SOLD OUT)

August 14th  St. Louis, MO (Tickets)

August 15th  Chicago, IL (Tickets)

August 16th  Evanston, IL (Tickets)

August 17th  Oshkosh, WI (Tickets)

August 18th  Rochester, MN (SOLD OUT)

August 28th St. Paul, MN (SOLD OUT)

September 4  St. Paul, MN (SOLD OUT)



Supper Club 2014

Two years ago I traveled around North America, playing shows in living rooms and enjoying incredible home cooked meals. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the idea of musical potlucks would work, but the original Supper Club Tour ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. I’m eager to hit the road once more, but I need your help. (Click here to learn about The Supper Club Tour)

What we eat and where it comes from has an enormous impact on both our bodies and the world. For this edition of Supper Club Tour, I’d like to showcase efforts to grow and cook delicious, sustainable food. In addition to playing dinner shows every night, I’ll be stopping by farms, restaurants, farmer’s markets, food trucks, ranches, and co ops to showcase the best in good, real food.

I need help with a couple things:

1. Hosts
If you are comfortable with letting 30-50 strangers into your home, this is the gig for you. Since I’ll be touring in fairly nice weather, backyards might work as well. Don’t worry, we provide all of the utensils and recyclable plates and cups, so no dishes! If you are interested, send me a few pictures of your home at Jeremy’s Email and check out this mini primer on what an ideal host is up for…

2. Suggestions
Are you part of CSA? Do you own a food truck? Do you work on an urban farm? An insect farm? Do you work in aquaculture? If you or someone you know is doing good work towards sustainable food I’d love to visit.

Thank you for your time and for your food! See you on the road,


P.S. I’ll be in the UK/EU in May and the band and I are playing tons of tour dates in June/July. Check them out here

Seeking Upper Midwest Hosts!

Its been awhile since I’ve done some Supper Club Shows and I’m thinking about doing some in July! If you’re in the Upper Midwest and live in places like Duluth, Sheboygan, Madeline Island, Milwaukee, Madison, Evanston, St Louis, and Kansas City I would love to come play a Supper Club Show! These are only suggested places, but I probably won’t be doing any hometown shows this time through. Sorry Twin Cities!

If you’re interested in hosting, please click HERE.  I would love to play in a living room, art space, backyard, etc

Also, I’m having a little merch sale, basically you get $5 off if you spend $25 or more. Just enter the Discount Code IGOTFIVEONIT when checking out and you’ll receive the discount! You can check out my store for shirts, CDs, bow-ties, and Vinyl!  As always, you can “Pay What You Want” for downloads of my albums. Whether its $0, $5, $10, $20, or $5,000,000 :)

DC Supper Club Tour Show

The hosts in DC outdid themselves building this incredible outdoor stage + serving several homebrews, including a Pumpkin Ale that fit perfectly with the outdoor setting. The Supper Club Tour has been so fun, thanks for coming out!

West and East Coast Tickets Available

In less than a week I’ll be hopping back in my rental and hitting the road for my first West + East Coast Addition of the Supper Club Tour. I’m excited to head back to some towns I’ve been before and head to some new ones. Tickets are still available to some of the locations, click the link and you’ll be taken to a page to purchase tickets.

Additionally I have released a NEW EP! It’s called Paper Moon and you can learn more about it here.

West Coast Edition
10/8 Des Moines, IA
10/10 Denver, CO
10/12 Salt Lake City, UT
10/14 Seattle, WA (SOLD OUT)
10/15 Seattle, WA (SOLD OUT)
10/16 Portland, OR (SOLD OUT)
10/18 Reno, NV (SOLD OUT)
10/19 San Francisco, CA SOLD OUT
10/20 San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT
10/23 San Diego, CA (SOLD OUT
10/24 Phoenix, AZ (BUY Tickets)

East Coast Edition
11/11 North Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
11/12 St Louis, MO (SOLD OUT)
11/13 Nashville, TN
11/14 Cleveland, OH
11/15 Cinnaminson, NJ (Philly Area)
11/16 Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), NY SOLD OUT
11/17 D.C. SOLD OUT
11/18 Newport News, VA (BUY Tickets)
11/19 Winston Salem, NC (BUY Tickets)
11/20 Atlanta, GA (SOLD OUT)

*NEW* 12/2 Winona, MN SOLD OUT
12/3 St. Louis Park, MN SOLD OUT
12/4 Minneapolis, MN SOLD OUT
12/5 Minneapolis, MN SOLD OUT
12/6 St. Paul, MN SOLD OUT