Rum Bundt Cake Recipe

I can vouch for this being awesome. Thanks Constance!

Gloria’s Black Bean Soup


Mary Beth, in addition to being an expert on “zero-waste” events, also makes an amazing vegetarian black bean soup. This was a real highlight from the already inspiring Chicago Supper Club. Check out the recipe below:

Gloria’s Black Bean Soup

Nutter Fluffer Cupcake Recipe

Suzanne C. brought these amazing cupcakes to the Omaha Supper Club and was kind enough to share the recipe! I’m not sure I can even describe the taste without using words like rainbow or unicorn. Seriously amazing.

Nutter Fluffer Cupcakes


Spiced Nuts Recipe

from Martha Stewart’s Spiced Nuts Recipe

It took me awhile to figure out what I should bring to the Supper Club shows. I can’t exactly cook in the car, though I did research tiny crockpots that could fit in a car cup holder. In the end, I decided to try more of a party snack than main course.

I used a Martha Stewart recipe as I find that most of her recipes are idiot-proof. I did make one modification (per the comments) and cut the cayenne pepper by about half and that seemed to help with the heat. I think they turned out great and I hope you all like them!

Martha Stewart’s Spice Nuts Recipe


The time to embark on the first Supper Club Tour is drawing near. SO many awesome people have asked to host, shared their excitement for trying new recipes, and sent in song requests. Some shows have sold out but now you can find tickets for the East + West Coast Editions. We are still in need of a host in a few places, if you’re interested please check out the hosting section and drop us a line!

Midwest Edition
9/10 Marshall MN
9/11 Omaha, NE
9/12 Decorah, IA SOLD OUT
9/13 Chicago, IL  SOLD OUT
9/14 Madison, WI  SOLD OUT
9/15 Stevens Point, WI
9/16 Eau Claire, WI SOLD OUT
9/17 Rochester, MN SOLD OUT
9/18 Moorhead, MN SOLD OUT
9/19 Winnipeg, Canada
9/21 Minneapolis, MN SOLD OUT

West Coast Edition
10/8 Des Moines, IA (BUY Tickets)
10/10 Denver, CO (BUY Tickets)
10/12 Salt Lake City, UT (BUY Tickets)
10/14 Seattle, WA (BUY Tickets)
10/15 Seattle, WA (SOLD OUT)
10/16 Portland, OR (BUY Tickets)
10/18 Reno, NV (BUY Tickets)
10/19 San Francisco, CA SOLD OUT
10/20 San Francisco, CA (SOLD OUT
10/23 San Diego, CA (SOLD OUT
10/24 Phoenix, AZ (BUY Tickets)

East Coast Edition
11/11 North Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
11/12 St Louis, MO (SOLD OUT)
11/13 Nashville, TN (BUY Tickets)
11/14 Cleveland, OH (BUY Tickets)
11/15 Cinnaminson, NJ (Philly Area) (BUY Tickets)
11/16 Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), NY SOLD OUT
11/17 D.C. SOLD OUT
11/18 Newport News, VA (BUY Tickets)
11/19 Winston Salem, NC (BUY Tickets)
11/20 Atlanta, GA (SOLD OUT)

TICKETS On Sale + Hosts Needed!

We have had such a great response so far for the Supper Club Tour. If you’re just coming to this page for the first time you can learn more about what it is right here.  In the meantime, we wanted to let you know that some shows have been booked and we’re still looking for a little help in some towns.

Midwest in September that have been BOOKED

9/10 Marshall MN (BUY Tickets)
9/11 Omaha, NE (BUY Tickets)
9/12 Decorah, IA (BUY Tickets)
9/13 Chicago, IL (SOLD OUT)
9/14 Madison, WI (SOLD OUT)
9/15 Stevens Point, WI (BUY Tickets)
9/16 Eau Claire, WI (BUY Tickets)
9/17 Rochester, MN (SOLD OUT)
9/18 Moorhead, MN (SOLD OUT)
9/19 Winnipeg, Canada (BUY Tickets)
9/21 Minneapolis, MN (SOLD OUT)

10/8 Des Moines, IA or Sioux Falls, SD (NEED HOST )
10/9 Lincoln, NE (NEED HOST )
10/10 Denver, CO (NEED HOST )
10/11 Fruita, CO (BUY Tickets)
10/12 Salt Lake City, UT (BUY Tickets)
10/14 Seattle, WA (BUY Tickets)
10/15 Seattle, WA (BUY Tickets)
10/16 Portland, OR (BUY Tickets)
10/17 Southern Oregon or Northern California (NEED HOST )
10/18 Reno, NV (BUY Tickets)
10/19 San Francisco, CA (BUY Tickets)
10/20 San Francisco, CA (BUY Tickets)
10/21 Los Angeles, CA (NEED HOST )
10/22 Los Angeles, CA (NEED HOST )
10/23 San Diego, CA (BUY Tickets)
10/24 Phoenix, AZ (BUY Tickets)

East Coast in November where we may NEED HOSTS
(tickets will go on sale at a time TBD)

11/11 North Chicago, IL (BUY Tickets)
11/12 St Louis, MO or South Bend, IN (NEED HOST )
11/13 Nashville, TN (BUY Tickets)
11/15 Cinnaminson, NJ (BUY Tickets)
11/16 Brooklyn (Prospect Heights), NY (BUY Tickets)
11/17 D.C. (BUY Tickets)
11/18 Newport News, VA (BUY Tickets)
11/19 Asheville, NC or Chapel Hill/Raleigh Durham, NC (NEED HOST )
11/20 Atlanta, GA

Fall 2012 Supper Club Tour- Hosts Needed

This fall I’ll be embarking on a solo house show tour.

There’s one thing though-I want you to bring food to share! I want to try your best, most mouthwatering dishes- the kind passed down through battered cookbooks, the recipes you’ve sworn to keep secret.

The Super Club Tour is about good music, great food and amazing company.

In order to make this happen, I need a few people willing to share their homes. I’ll be in the Midwest in September, the West Coast in October, and the East Coast in November. If you are interested in hosting a Supper Club show, here are some questions:

  • How big is your living room? Can 30-50 people fit comfortably?
  • Is there enough parking for 20-30 cars?
  • Is it okay to make some noise? The show won’t be amplified, but I don’t want to upset the neighbors.
  • Are you okay with hosting a potluck? I’ll spring for bio-degradable plates and utensils, so no big pile of dishes for you. Still, there will probably be a bit of clean up involved.
  • Is alcohol okay? Some folks may want to bring beer (hopefully homebrew!) or a bottle of wine. I will of course ask everyone to drink responsibly and treat your home with respect.
  • Do you have a small table where I can put merch?
  • Can you check everyone’s ID at the door and match it to a list we’ll send you? All ticket sales will be online, so no need to handle cash or sales at the door.
Doors will be at 7:30, the show runs from 8:00-9:15, and everyone will be out of your house by 10 (unless you state otherwise).

Interested? Attach a couple photos of your living room and email me at along with your city/state. I’m excited to hit the road, meet some new folks, play some songs, and enjoy amazing food. See you soon!