Five Places to Visit in Copenhagen with your Children

Copenhagen is one of the best places in the world for both adults and young travellers. This is the reason a lot of families prefer to spend their holidays here. If you are planning a Copenhagen trip with your children, you want to stay in one of the furnished apartments copenhagen. Also, you want to make sure your children will have a great time. Here are the best places to explore:

Tivoli Gardens

This is the most popular place for travellers who have children in the capital. This amusement park is home to dozens of rides for kids of different ages. There is also a team of professional animators who organise entertainment events and performances for kids. Because there are nine different restaurants with various specialization and menus for children, you can be sure your little ones always have something to munch on.


Bakken is the oldest amusement park in the world. It occupies a big territory that has many rides as well as beautiful artificial rivers and lakes, and parks. You can find the country’s most extreme rides here. However, there is also a merry-go-round for babies to ensure kids can have fun. Also, there are animators dressed in customers of popular cartoon characters in the park.

Museum of Circus

This is one of the most famous museums made for visitors with kids. This museum makes everyone feel like a popular performer. You and your kids will get to see a huge collection of different items used during circus performances. After the excursion, your children will be invited to wear costumes of gymnasts and clowns to know how it feels to be a circus performer.

Copenhagen Suburbs

In these areas, you will find the science centre called Experimentarium, which is quite famous with families. This centre showcases special play pavilions for kids of various ages. Here, your children will be offered to perform different interesting scientific experiments that let them see how mathematical and physical laws work in daily life. There is also a museum at the centre that features a rich interactive exhibition.


This is a famous playground where your children can take part in open air activities and active rest. You can find this in the Vestamager which is a nature reserve. The playground is home to interesting rides. Also, there are special zones where kids can play everything they need for entertaining and active pastime in the open air. Himmelhoj has a special picnic zone where you and your children can make fire and enjoy the best family dinner you can have.

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